Hello Gorgeous!

I'm Angela Rose and I am an independent hairstylist in Novato, California.  

I specialize in natural looking color, precision, and lived in cuts

My career in the beauty industry began as I wanted to contribute to paving a path for others to look and feel their best. What I've grown to learn since working behind the chair for over a decade is that our hair is not what defines our beauty but  assists us by enhancing our beauty by boosting confidence and our wellbeing. And really what it takes to look and feel your best is more than meets the eye.  

I'm an advocate to embrace all of the qualities that make you YOU!  Empowering my guests to discover and embrace their true beauty, the freedom to shine from the inside out, with or without makeup, before and after their hair appointment!

"Too often we live in a world where we listen to respond instead of listening to understand.  My chair will always remain a safe space to for you to be heard and understood."

I believe in a world where everyone thrives.  Where we can look at others not as competition but support.  In a world where we can root for each other knowing it will not take away from our success but instead add to enrich our lives with gratitude and fullness.

I don't believe that hair has to be "high maintenance" to be beautiful nor do I believe that "low maintenance" hair is NOT beautiful! My goal is always to encourage and provide my guests with a service that matches the level of maintenance to their lifestyle. I value clear communication and my responsibility is to always provide you with honest advice and feedback.  

My Reason

Becoming a solo single mother to a little girl has been my biggest motivator to do what I do!  I've learnt that parenting is one of the most important and challenging gifts in the world and a child's need for security, stability, and awareness of their love and their value is a neccessity in order to thrive.  


Raising a child on my own made it clear that I needed to do all that I could to give my daughter a life full of wonder, creativity, and an abundance of opportunities.  

Being an independent hairstylist provides me the opportunity to be present in her life with a flexible schedule. It also gives me an opportunity to be an example of what is possible with determination, preserverence, and hard work.  Anything that she puts her mind to I want her to believe is possible also.

Being a mother and a hairstylist has shown me the importance of self care.

Being a mother and a hairstylist has shown me the importance of self care."Without caring for yourself first, it's difficult to care for anyone else.  This is how my passion to create low mantinence beautiful hairstyles for all that empowers, nurtures, and is essential for self care developed."

You, my darling, deserve to spend time on you to take care of yourself even during your darkest days.  Without the darkness we would not know the effects of light. And the world, my dear, needs your light.  I'm so glad you are here.


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